We are creating a dynamic new heart for London, which will deliver London 2012’s promise to regenerate “an entire community for the direct benefit of everyone who lives there”.

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We are delighted to announce that Andrea Stark FRSA has been appointed as the Director of Foundation for FutureLondon.
The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Summer School created by Foundation for FutureLondon uses the Park to provide an inspiring, fun learning environment for east London children during their summer break.
Developed with Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in partnership with Bigga Fish, the Foundation is pleased to be presenting a creative spark of a festival showcasing the best of young London.
The stretch of hoardings at the new entrance to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the East London Canvas: a new creative space where Foundation for FutureLondon will showcase the local, national and internationally renowned talent of east London.
The Young Poet Laureate programme offers the opportunities for the successful poet to develop their portfolio, building confidence and skills with the support of Spread The Word.
Foundation for FutureLondon builds on the work done by its predecessor, The Legacy List, in working with east London’s creative community on an incredible programme of cultural activities on and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Foundation for FutureLondon is at the heart of one of London’s most exciting new developments – a new cultural and education district for east London which will be situated on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
The Foundation for FutureLondon is part of the East London Cultural Education Partnership, a consortium of over 30 arts, cultural and educational organisations that are committed to providing access to a high quality cultural education to every child and young person in East London.